the story of farscythe

When I Was Delivered, I Cleared My Nostrils And Spanked My Own Ass

Later That Day, I Invented A Silicone Based Protein That Cured The World Hunger And Brought About World Peace


I Owened A Multi Billion Dollar Corporation By The Time I Was Six And You Can Too

I Won The Nashville Chili Cook Off

Home On The Prairie, Mother Fucker

Big Trucks And Little Women, I Take ‘Em Skinny Dipping You Want The Life I’m Living, Who The Fuck You Kidding


I Circumcised Myself With My Bare Hands Grizzly Adams, Mother Bitches

Don’t Need An Elevator, I’ll Take The Stairs I Wrestle Alligators, I Ain’t No Square


I Don’t Need Toilet Paper, I’ll Use My Hands And Wipe ‘Em On Your Face, ‘Cause I’m The Man

I Once Slapped A Guy So Hard His Mom Lit On Fire And That Bitch Lives In Alaska You Figure It Out


So You See, My Little Bitches If You Buy my One Minute And 48 Second Seminar You Too Could Become The Champion Of The World I’m Joking, You’re A Loser

When I Take Off My Shirt Even Old Ladies Flock To Me I’m Like Don Johnson, You Fucks


.... i kid i just wanted to post the song

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