Fellow Opponauts, it has been a long 3 months since I last posted on this amazing car blog. I have been soooo busy with life it’s impossible to understand.
Where the hell do I even start?
I am going to finish the series on my B5 Audi for sure, so stay tuned for that.

Let’s catch up a bit on my car situation...
I traded my red EK hatch Civic with a manual tranny and a stock Y7 (I swapped front ends from stock to Acura El front end and back to stock, but this time it was off of ZipppyArt’s 99 Si Civic (which I used to have, it all comes around!). I traded that fine piece of machinery (which passed a legitimate safety inspection without issues, and had no rust underneath and an amazing powertrain) for a seemingly great 2004 Subaru Impreza 2.5 TS Wagon automatic. Now the only reason why I wanted to go ahead with this trade was:
1. I thought I would have higher resale value (I was in the business of attempting to flip cars for profit, or trade-up to a higher value car)
2. It was the middle of winter and I missed driving something which could get fully sideways in the snow
3. It was very spacious and perfect for you know... girlfriend and boyfriend things, and also carrying all my tools... and engines.
4. It sounded pretty badass and had almost zero rust with no apparent issues whatsoever.
As un-Jalopy as this trade may have been (due to manual to automatic transmission downgrade), it actually slightly benefited me.
I got the car registered and drove it for a month before deciding to sell it. I put it up for $1800, had a lot of success in catching people’s attention but only two people came through. The car developed a noise that was akin to rod knock, however it was diagnosed as piston slap when I first got the car.. this turned away the first possible buyer and he proceeded to defame me over various local car groups. The next guy, the one who ended up buying it, lowballed the shit out of me and ended up with a $900 2004 subaru with almost no rust, a great drivetrain (with piston slap... or whatever it may actually be), brand new winter tires, a freshly detailed interior, and fresh fluids as well as an up-to-date inspection certificate for emissions and safety standards. This was a deal unheard of back when I first started buying cars! I wish I had gotten such an amazing deal, but sadly my financial situation required me to let go of the car for whatever cash money the guy may have had.
The adventures however, my friends, did not end there! Let me continue in another post...

Here are some pictures of the rides aforementioned.

My EK Civic coupe parts car (shared with ZipppyArt), and my EK hatch with ZipppyArt’s EK Civic coupe.

An EK Civic in Canada’s natural habitat...


Traded the Civic for this clean-ass loud-ass Subaru.


Subarus doing Subaru things... first time I ever got stuck in a Subaru. I decided it was a good idea to play in the snow. Drove out of my buddy’s laneway, into the main (uncrowded) street during a very heavy snowfall and didnt see where the road ended or started and went BAM right into a ditch. Oh well, someone in a Jeep Wrangler pulled me out free of charge while I was trying to get my buddy’s B5 A4 1.8T unstuck from his lane-way.