Ford is preparing to release the new ford mustang tomorrow, and I felt compelled to share a "personal" Mustang story. now I say "personal", because it's actually my grandfather's story. Back in the mid 70's, my family lived in the large south European country of Yugoslavia. Now, Yugoslavia was a communist country, but you were able to due a lot more than in other countries due to it being generally relaxed. My Grandfather took this as a chance to import himself a car. He loved fords, and he dreamed of mustangs. With his good paying job as an electrical engineer in a large, state run company, he managed to import himself a 1975 Ford mustang II. This was a brand new car, that he got through a set of now long-lost contacts in the US and (West)Germany. His was a Baby blue "302" equipped V8, with the obligatory 4on the floor. Unfortunately, I have no photos of it, since they're all in a photo album my grandma lost a while ago... But I did see a few pictures of it back when I was little. That car saved my grandpa's life, since he got rear ended by a drunk at 45 mph, when he was standing still.

Now, I did say this was the story of Two mustangs. That's because my High School (founded in 1964!) has a mustang pony as our mascot! It's kinda funny how a love for a common item comes full circle sometimes :D !