or: Beating Parts Into Submission

This was twisted and bowed, and is now back how it should be. The right side is the face that matters; the depth of the folded part varies so the left edge still looks wonky. This was more vice-and-crowbar than hammer-and-anvil.

Got the track-frame-guide-thing un-twisted and back to being straight after work, and succeeded in getting the frame-side also back into shape, fixing a buckle and a couple general bends.

The collapsed section at the bottom, the major bend in the middle, and a buckled section (not visible) are now pretty much back where they should be. This was a a good mix of vice-as-a-press and hammer-and-anvil.

This went fairly well, and will let me get the bottom end back together so I have a solid reference to work from to bend the handlebars back to the right spot. I’m also going to pull apart the other side track drive to check parts (though that side doesn’t seem bent) and grease it in proportion to this side.

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