The Stringbean, she ain't happy.

And currently hooked up to an automotive IV.

Ive got an electrical leak somewhere. I’m guessing its the alarm/remote start as sitting for 2 weeks is apparently too long. Fun fact: when the battery is about to drain out completely the alarm goes off. Doubly fun fact: when that happens the transponder doesn’t have enough juice to accept the unlock and “turn off the alarm that’s going off at 1am”.


So it was on the tender all day, died imediately when unhooked. Battery tested at 5v. Pulled one of these maneuvers which I’m not sure is totally safe

The booster box wasn’t charged so let’s plug it in while it converts 120 pixies into 12 pixies.

Still won’t start BUT will run accessories on just battery alone (month old interstate).


So I was bored and decided to give her some eyeliner on her headlights and foggies

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