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Auto-x went pretty good. The 1st run was slower to figure the course out(1st run in picture). Once I got it figured out I was doing consistent high 60 second runs with a best run of 68.581, right behind stock Honda Fit. The only issue I had was the course layout, it was good. The issue was that it did not suit my gearing well. At the first event I attended I could do the whole course in 2nd.


The layout today was way more technical, but it was hair to fast for 1st & hair too slow for 2nd. On one stright I could get into 2nd, but by the time boost came on, I came to a corner. After a few runs I found it was faster to keep it in 1st. Still good fun.

Also got to ride along in modified Exige for a run. It was very fast. Hearing the supercharger inches behind my head was a holy experience. I bearly fit in it, getting in was easy. Getting out on the other hand. I need an Exige now.

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