The stripped carcass

The parts wagon has been stripped of everything I need off it. There are some wants left, but given someone is buying it for $500 (I paid $600), I’m not going to be greedy.

All total it gave up the following:

  • AOD transmission
  • tailgate motor
  • tailgate inner handle
  • tailgate support cable
  • RR door armrest
  • dash clock
  • aftermarket Sunpro electric temp guage
  • washer pump
  • grille
  • roof rack
  • hood ornament
  • door pull
  • spare tire retainer
  • spare tire cover

Not bad for $100, and I still have the two catalytic converters to scrap for more $$.


Turns out my ‘87 wagon’s from brakes are a mess(caliper, sliders & pads all rusted together and binding), so I bought new police caliper assemblies & pads to just redo everything, because brakes are not something to half-ass.

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