NFG tire as buffer image to represent the stupidity of the phone call I just had to make.

Fuck this nail in particular

Just had to return a call to a customer. They were upset because the 190 pounds of material they ordered incurred 239 pounds of freight charges. I had to take an hour to gather myself after the first call since my head ran right into the wall of stupid and I actually blacked out for a moment during the first phone call. You ordered 190 pounds of material. It went on a skid, that’s another 30 pounds. It was packaged in cases, that’s another 5 pounds per case for the 3 full cases and roughly 2-3 pounds for the partial case. Add in another 2-3 or so pounds of stretch wrap, protective corners and miscellaneous packaging and estimate error and lets see what we get:

190 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 2 + 30 + 2 gets us to... an estimated 239 pounds for the pallet of material we shipped you. And you’re upset that there were freight charges for 239 pounds of freight.