So that Daytona Truck I posted came from a Museum/Dealership called Volo Auto Museum, or Volo Cars. I decided to see what else they had and found this Nova.

Now I know what your thinking “those intake filters look stupid” and your right, but that’s just the beginning.

First staters there’s no intercooler. And there’s this weird cross pipe connecting the two sides of the intake for some reason... even tho they both blow into the same carburetor. Also that oil feed line doesn’t look right, I’m no expert but that doesn’t look very secure.

Look at the inlet for the hot side of this turbo, sharp 90 degree turns are great for flow, or so I’m told. Oh and I don’t see a blow off valve anywhere on this setup...


If you look really close at this pic you can see where the heat from the turbos as started melting the wrap on the hood, I don’t think real carbon fiber melts like that.


And the icing on this shit cake is, the filers are lop sided. All that work and they could even get it symmetrical.


They look like some dang googly eyes.