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The Suburban is Home! The Suburban is Broken!

In fairness to the Suburban, this is a brokenness I was aware of...but it was a known unknown. I knew there was a leak, I didn’t know what fluid or from where.

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The power steering was whining so I assumed it was that and man was I wrong. It’s leaking oil BIGLY, but it’s leaking it from an oil cooler line. It’s both a cheap part and an easy repair, so I lucked out on that.

The power steering whine is still a thing. I’ll check the fluid in the morning, I don’t see any evidence of a leak there but maybe it’s a slow one. The oil leak is the bigger issue, clearly.


Once the oil leak is fixed tomorrow I’m going to take it for a decent drive and report back on it. So far it seems to drive great, and obviously it looks fabulous. Big fan of the Suburban, which I’m calling the Canyonero for obvious reasons, so far. 

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