As the clock signals that’s there’s 10 minutes to the next final, the medium buzz of sound is escalated to the next level in tune to the fire alarm pulled by some asshole.

We all laugh and banter causally among each other hearing of the news of the alarm, and some even celebrate. That dreaded math or Econ final would have to be delayed. Does it make much of a difference? For now we all can troop out to the parking lot and smoke in our cars! As some smoke in their cars, some exit school. Perhaps your art class doesn’t have a final for today. Perhaps fuck school mentality.

The engines roar, slowly pumping carbon monoxide into the cabin, the amps fire up, and the briskness is in the air. The rains splays itself on the heads of people, and shelter is taken below the various solar panels.

We then see our feeble attempts to lengthen the little time we have to enjoy in our cars shoved into reality when the VP slams on the doors like a lone parent confiscating alcohol from a group of teenagers.


All in all, I'm going to be screwed even more time wise on my law final