First I had to park like this because the other car is too close. So, don't call me a bad driver, m'kay.

This was supposed to be the Summer of George. I was gonna read a book, go through my Netflix queue, see friends, and most importantly do so in a cool car. But no....

So, currently don't have a car. Last fall "my" E34 went away. I looked after it for a family friend while they were away for 6 months. I would have bought the car from him but it had a lot of mechanical issues and has an accident on the record. Wasn't sure what the insurance would be like, not to mention that cost to fix the car fully, since I was about to return to college and needed to make a 600km trip.


So, I am stuck with the leftover Honda Odyssey, with some power steering issues and a transmission that not only changes at the wrong time but changes with the clout and velocity of a 15 year old ricer. One good thing about it is that the middle row seats are really good. But since I drive it I don't get that pleasure.

So, the next few weeks I will be visiting dealerships and weird private sellers. Which is actually a lot of fun. Wish me luck, hopefully I don't go insane with this car.


PS. its actually a better overall car than other minivans, or at least on paper it seems so.

So I guess if I don't find a manual 2009-2011 328i, some good quality 80s BMW, Audi wagon, or settle for an ST the summer of George will be ruined.


Enjoy some Summer of George clips