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The Sunday Rundown: 5 Things To Enrich & Entertain

If you can find a theater playing it, go see it because this looks like a classic thriller.


Just last week I was saying to a friend how much I'm looking forward to the next gen Jaguar XF. Couple days later, boom, pictures of a test mule in mod wallpaper camo appear on Automobilemag. I'd say that's some damn fine visualization right there. I should talk to friends about more things, like being handed the keys to a Pagani or being hired to direct a Marvel movie.

My friend and New Jersey native Shayne Pospisil dropped his full part via TransWorld Snowboarding and it's a heater. Hit that link to read a quick interview with Shayne and find out what he's got planned for the coming season.*

*hint- big things in the works.

South Park nails it for the third week in a row. How are they still this good after all these years? Oh yeah that's right, they're the smartest guys working in TV.


My friend Nate bought a 1977 911 Targa with 66k miles. This is big news because he can't drive his 991 Carrera and this at the same time, which means he'll need someone to step up to the plate and operate either vehicle when they need to go out for a run. Guess who that someone will be?

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