The Sunday Rundown, 5 Things You Oughtta Know About That Will Enrich & Entertain

If you're not familiar with the art of Kevin Cyr, you've been missing out big time. Oil on canvas paintings of graffitied vans and other under appreciated iconic vehicles are just the thing to dress up the walls of your humble abode.

All of the clips from Joe Carnahan's upcoming film "Stretch" are pretty awesome, as is the trailer. However it's this clip featuring The Hoff doing his best Walter White impression that really takes the cake.


This beautiful and ultra rare Europa Blue '95.5 S6 Avant is for sale on QuattroWorld. Tasteful modifications and only 84,292 on the odometer make this turbocharged inline 5 powered wagon an appealing deal for $15k.

You may not know his name but you most likely know his work. Aaron James Draplin is an inspiration to freelancers everywhere and a hell of a nice guy. The scope of his work is massive, from Snowboarder Mag art direction to designing logos for NASA, this guy has done it all. He also started a little company called Field Notes, no big deal. Vans "#livingoffthewall" webseries continues to be exceptional, I highly recommend checking out other episodes.

Jake Gallagher dropped a cool post on ACL about the golden age of American airports.


More E&E next Sunday. Now it's time for some football.



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