Full of fire, vigor, and a bold promise to the internet I immediately started work on the Saab this morning(ish).

And by get started on the Saab, I mean cleaned two unrelated vehicles. (Side note: probably why I can’t have nice things)

No but really, I was looking for the copper gaskets I thought I bought. Oh well, such is life.

Once I actually got to working on the Saab, sans new gaskets I tried some generic nitrile ones. That... didn’t go well, with a LOT of gas getting sprayed like... everywhere.


Ok... old gaskets it is. I cleaned the crap of everything, reinstalled, and tightened. Hooray! No leaks.

With the fuel lines depressurized anyway, I also went ahead and replaced the fuel filter. Pretty sure that had been done very recently, but they’re cheap and I had one around anyway.


Next up, break out the pressure tester and check the line pressure. And RESULT! Spec says 74 to 84 PSI and I was sitting right at 68 PSI. So I pulled the recently replaced pressure relief valve, added two shims, and now we’re reading just under 80 PSI. One problem down!

But still not starting...


Next up, compression check! Unfortunately this one didn’t tell me much. Compression is low, but not catastrophically so. With all the starting attempts this could be down to something something oil rings washdown something something. I don’t remember what the reasoning there is, but a friend explained it to me once and I’m going with it. I also have the numbers from a reasonably recent compression check that were all in the green.

However, this did lead me to discover that even with a plug missing, the car pretty much sounded exactly the same while trying to start. (I forgot to pull the fuel pump relay, oops). So if being one cylinder down doesn’t change the starting, that to me says... timing?

Here is a video of a failed start:


I’ve got to do yard work and prep for a work trip tomorrow, so that is all the Saabing I can do today.

What do you think Oppo? Am I on the right track?