I changed jobs. No more work in finance for me. Wanting stability and the ability to grow with a company I went to the Automobile Club of Southern California, AAA. It’s been about 3 months since I started and I like it. Great pay, great benefits, 401k etc. I work in the emergency roadside department. As I have noticed even before I worked there, having AAA makes people feel...entitled. Or something. I don’t get it. But here are some of the frustrating and surprising things I encounter on a daily basis.

  • Late model Honda’s and Subaru’s have terrible batteries, alternators or both: I guess it’s whatever battery supplier they are using, but there are so many members with 1,2 and 3 year old Accord’s, Civic’s, Legacy’s, and Outbacks that always need jumps or battery replacements. At first I thought it was just a coincidence, but after looking at record, its thousands of people. And some of these people have had multiple jumps or dead batteries. Just the other day I had a member with a ‘17 Legacy that needed a jump.
  • People don’t understand or even try to understand the clubs policies: ESPECIALLY when it comes to our tow policy. We can’t tow for convenience. Period. There’s no way around it. The job of AAA is to get the vehicle back on the road though repair or something. So many people think they can just call for a tow truck because its street sweeping day and they need to move their non op vehicle from the street to the driveway.
  • A lot of people weirdly have old ass cars but live in high valued neighborhoods or areas: I don’t know if many of you are aware of SoCal’s housing problems. But many neighborhoods and ares have seen rising rents and housing prices, especially in LA. So it kinda weird’s me out when someone calls in living in a neighborhood with $800-$1 million dollar homes and they need assistance with a 92 tan Camry that won’t start. Or someone my age calls in needing a tow on a 96 Ranger but their address says they live at apartments with rents of 2900 and up.
  • No one knows what kind of car they drive or the year it is nor where they are: This is the one that probably frustrates me the most. Do people just drive around oblivious to what kind of car they are in or where they are going? I assume that’s the case because I spend at least 5 mins with people just trying to figure out what car they are driving or where they are located. There’s no reason you shouldn’t automatically know at least 2 cross streets of where you are at off the top of your head. We do have a system locating feature that can pinpoint your location, but its not always accurate and doesn’t always popup when the member wants it.
  • Memberships span generations: A lot of people swear by AAA, especially the older generation. Many memberships are multi-generational. 50,60,70 year memberships are surprisingly not uncommon. When you take into account that the Automobile Club of Southern California has been around at least 120 years, it’s crazy to think that some families have been with the company for over half of those 120 years.
  • Some foreign members are VERY impatient: Specifically British and Russian members. They usually want an eta before I even have what’s going on with their vehicle or their location.
  • People think we can actually see them on our maps in our computer systems: They think we have a live sat feed or something that can zoom in on them and see them in real time. I’ve had people say”Can you see me waving?” as they stand there and wave at the sky like some crazy person.

Other than the annoying stuff, it’s been great. I got attracted to work for the company because of the stability. My supervisor for instance has been with the company 38 years. It’s somewhere where you can stay, grow, make good money and have good benefits and enjoy it. So that’s the plan. Just some members are annoying.