I don't know how many were in produced, but there's definitely what appears to be a legitimate Halo 4 Launch Giveaway SVT Raptor for sale in the Cleveland, OH area.

I don't know what would compel you to sell a free SVT Raptor that looks like Master Chief's weekend grocery getter. If I won this thing it would be on display in my living room, if my living room were big enough to fit a Raptor in. Or I'd drive it to car shows. Or donate the thing to charity. Or something constructive and not just be looking for a quick paycheck. Like a paycheck for 65 grand.

There's only three real scenarios to how this plays out.

1. It's a standard Raptor with a fancy wrap job, but the guy claims he has all the documentation on the truck, so benefit of the doubt there.

2. This guy is hard up for cash, which is understandable. But in that case put the thing on eBay and not Craigslist.


3. Or just doesn't care about cars or Halo, in which point why did you enter the contest to win it... you big stupid jerk.


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