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The Swamp Foxes: The only ANG Wild Weasels left

Check out this promotional video for the 157th FS of the 169th Fighter Wing. They are the only ANG squadron left to be specialized in SEAD operations, which is the key to getting aircrafts through hostile airspace.

As far as the rest of the USAF goes; There are three active duty squadrons (the 55th, 77th, and the 79th of the 20th Fighter Wing) stationed at Shaw AFB. And all four of these squadrons are based in South Carolina, flying F-16s.

For the maritime counterpart, there are 15 "VAQ" (V-Fixed Wing, A-Attack, Q-Electronic) squadrons all stationed in NAS Whidbey Island, aside from two being based out of Andrews AFB and NAS Atsugi. They fly mostly EA-18G Growlers, or are converting to Growlers from EA-6B Prowlers.

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