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The T-Bird with a 1950 Ford Face You've Always Wanted is For Sale

The tenth-generation Ford Thunderbird, built on the MN12 platform, was the ideal car for the discerning motorist who wanted Mustang performance with the kind of rear suspension Thomas Jefferson advocated for in 1776. Far more grand tourer than sports car, birds of this feather made at most 210 horsepower and weighed all of 3,500 pounds. Still, the car more than adequately played the personal luxury car role, but even its greatest proponents found it lacking in one way: it didn't have the face of a 1950 Ford.

That's apparently the story told to one Detroit Lakes, Minnesota resident, and really, who is anyone to doubt them? Inspired by the tale, the owner spent, nay, invested $25,000 into making this 1997 Ford Thunderbird reach its most perfect form. But luckily for you, the seller invested that $25,000 for future generations, and will part with this masterpiece for only $15,500.


The listing does not state if this car boasts a 3.8L Essex V6 or a 4.6L Modular V8, but with this much style, does it matter? Vehicles this beautiful, especially custom vehicles, were meant to be ogled at low speeds, not missed as mere blurs on the expressway. That's why this Thunderbird is tastefully yet confidently adorned with red pinstriping that oh-so glimmers atop the black paint.

If you want this Minnesota Opus in your driveway, head on over to Craigslist, and hope it's not already gone.


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