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The tale of the salvage Honda Civic. My most prized story.

The car in our home in NJ.

My family has had a weird car history (story for another time). But of all the cars we had, none ever seemed to last, until we bought one that was, ironically, crashed.

It all started back in January of 2010. I lived in a nice part of the Bronx in New York, Obama was in his first term, and I was 8 Years Old, It was a nice time. My Family had owned a 2007 Nissan Altima Lemon that always seemed to have some problem, after that we had a sour taste with Nissan (wiped away after I discovered the R32 GTR existed) so we turned to the Religion of Honda (God is VTEC) after my dad saw a Honda Civic Si Sedan at a dealership, but the problem was it was out of our budget and so was a base Civic sedan. So we turned to salvage title cars fueled by one of my dad’s old friends, one who happened to be very skilled in fixing salvage cars, and is a certified broker.


Me, still with a burning passion of cars accompanied dad and his friend to an auction (I can’t remember if it was Manheim, Copart or Police).

In the auction line we saw lots of semi-interesting cars. There was a Hummer H2 that some jabroni jumped and broke the axles. There was an Altima just like the one that was ours except gold/beige colored. Those all didn’t interest us. It was what came up after a 2007 Kia Optima that really interested

After that bland kia, came something right up on my dad’s list. The car that my dad really wanted. It was a 2008 Honda Civic EX-L Automatic Sedan with Front Impact Damage.

Incredibly lucky for my dad, no one was bidding on it. So he put up a bid of $1100 on it, it was after that that someone decided to get into a bidding war. He bet $1200, my dad bet $1300, it went that way until my dad finally put in a bid for $2000, thats when the guy shut up with the bids.


So my dad won the car for $2000, with $5000 in our budget to spare. Dad’s friend offered to do the body work for the modest price of $1500, it turned out great. The only thing left to do was the engine. Me, my dad, and his friend all helped with this part. My dad and his friend replaced everything while I search the engine for broken parts. When we found that oil tank leaked everywhere, I found a cheap, used, completely intact one on eBay. We continued like this for 2 weeks until finally, the Civic was finished, and it only took about $5000 ($500 in parts, and my dad bought 4 Civic Si rims off a crashed one

The reason I am telling this story now is because it is almost the Civic’s 7-year run to end, as my dad is thinking of buying something else from an auction (another story for another time). Here it is again:

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