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The Taurus is fixed

I’m sure you’ve all been deeply concerned that there might be one less Taurus wagon in the world, so allow me to put your minds at ease.


Somehow, it didn’t get totaled. I know it doesn’t look like much, but it needed a new hood, bumper cover, headlight, and radiator support. I think the quote was $4500 or something. I still don’t know how that didn’t total it.


The shop he took it to did quite a good job, the panel gaps are better than when it was new.

The only weird part is now the new paint on the front end is all polished and nice, and the rest of the car is not all polished and nice. I doubt anything will be done about that, I mean I’m certainly not going to polish a Taurus.


This has all been weird for my dad, it was his first accident in 38 years, so I’m glad he has his car back looking like it should. It may be an objectively fairly terrible vehicle, but he loves it for some reason.

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