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The Temptation Was Real

When I dropped my kids off at school, this was drawing my eyes. A huge empty parking lot, freshly graded and slightly damp from rain, yet not muddy nor overly dry and dusty. There was even a barrier or two and some cones, just begging to be turned into a little rallycross.

I don’t think I have to explain why I couldn’t turn the parking lot at my kids’ preschool into a rallycross course for myself, but I also know they are highly sensitive to traffic on the property.


As an example, one parent cut through the lot this winter a little too fast (also not paying close attention, apparently) and collided with a tractor that was plowing the lot. There was very little damage, no injuries to say the least, and yet it prompted an all-school email to go out, reminding everyone about the importance of careful, slow driving on the whole grounds, etc. which was not entirely unfounded, since you’re not supposed to shortcut through the lot in the first place. My wife didn’t know specifically why the email was sent and suspected it was because I was doing donuts there. But I was innocent!

So... I kept going. BUT LOOK AT IT.

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