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I recently had a conversation with several co-workers about the Mazda Miata, and the conspicuous absence of one in our work parking lot.


You see, there are lots of car people at my work, many of whom drive Porsches, BMWs, Mustangs, Z-cars, hachis and even the occasional Alfa. None of them however, drive (or drove, I’m getting to that part) arguably the most ubiquitous sports car in the U.S.

During our conversation, my co-workers and I came to the conclusion that while we all liked miatas, none of us would seek out and you know....actually go buy one. It was universal like, combined with a universal lack of lust.


“I actually entered a raffle for one once” one of my co-workers interjected. “A girls basketball team was selling raffle tickets for one when I was at this big muscle car show in Idaho a few months ago.” He figured not many people were going to get out of their big block powered Charger or whatever, smoke still clearing from their 30 second long burnout and think “This is cool, but there’s gotta be some way I can get myself into a Miata.”

Well, turns out he had sound logic, because a couple of weeks later he received a call from an Idaho number informing him that his ten dollar raffle ticket just yielded the minty 1994 beauty you see pictured above.


It’s a single owner car with just 64k miles, and of course it being just about free, he let all of us take turns thrashing it around the parking lot.

Now, having never driven a Miata, I was eager to give it a spin.

My conclusion? Yes. Yes yes yes, a thousand yeses. It doesn’t have the quickest 0-60 time of any car I’ve driven. But it does have the quickest “where does this clutch engage?” to “imma get this bitch sideways at like 10mph in this parking lot.” Time of any car I’ve driven. Which goes a long way towards explaining the dumb grin on my face in the photo.


Yup. It’s lust now.

The weird upshot of this story? That co-worker left and found a new job, pretty much at the exact same time he won the Miata, leaving my work place, once again Miata free.

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