Something I’ve noticed about Texas drivers is their tendency to swerve onto the shoulder when the car in front of them brakes quickly. I never really saw this in California, Oregon, or Washington.

I get it; rather than risk rear-ending the guy ahead of you, you move to the shoulder and complete your stop there.

But in the last week i watched as a late-braking Honda Element did a hard swerve toward the left shoulder, only to lose control of the rear end and smash his driver-side front into the concrete barrier. Seems he might have been better off bumping the guy ahead of him and having an awkward conversation about insurance companies than wrecking his car entirely, but i feel like this guy wasn’t paying attention in the first place, and instinct took over, leading him to swerve too hard.

But half these people use the shoulder as their first option, and then leisurely come to a stop, like using your brakes beyond 50% of their capability is somehow uncouth. I watched a guy in a newer Mercedes do exactly this. The guy behind him saw an opportunity to move up into the spot previously occupied by the Mercedes, and the Mercedes damn near hit the truck when trying to move back into the lane.