The thing about smoking.

Now, I write this merely as an opinion piece. I applaud those who have stopped smoking and those who are trying to stop. But as a smoker I feel I must tell you this.

It gives you time to think.

Smoking allows you to space out for a while, be it in social or work settings, a pause to smoke is a reason to focus on yourself for a couple of minutes, to think about your breathing and to be distracted by the smoke and the warmth.


For those 5 or so minutes you can clear your head, calm whatever anxiety ails your mind, 5 minutes of not looking at facebook or your phone, 5 minutes to hear the rain or the cars on the street, 5 minutes to muffle and escape the annoying voices of those around you and just be with yourself for a while.

I’ve tried to quit once, but this is what keeps me here, this 5 minute breaks. I’ve come to realise that in this point in life I really need them, these homeopathic doses of peace of mind are -in my mind- more beneficial than not having some black soot in this mortal and therefore temporary lungs of mine.

[WN]: I know this probably doesn’t sit well with some, I know some of you probably suffered a great deal from family members who smoked and I am in no way trying to water any of that down, I cannot possibly fathom what you went through. I’m just trying to explain myself, and to some extent all of us. I am deeply sorry if this brought bad memories in any way.

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