...if this thing was really as bad as Clarkson made it out to be. On the surface it appears to be the most Jalop thing to ever Jalop. Mercedes V6 up front delivering power through a manual transmission to the rear wheels as the good Lord intended. The coupe version was a shooting brake and the roadster was basically the Miata's older brother. The only fault I can find on paper is that its a bit down on power, but so are the Miata and the Toyobaru twins. Clarkson always goes out of his way to make American cars look worse than they are (even though the Crossfire was basically a Mercedes SLK in a Chrysler dress and was manufactured in Germany by Karmann, but he never lets facts get in the way of a good story), even if they don't really deserve it. I can't trust his review of it, so the question remains. Was it really that bad of a car?