So tonight I am heading into NYC with my girlfriend to see the tree, get some dinner, and walk around like tourists. I generally avoid going up there but it’s a Christmastime tradition for us so that’s happening. Anyways, there of course are two major ways to get there - drive and park OR take a train. The problem with the train route is it takes about 45 minutes, costs $10 per person one way and we have to pay ~$7 to park at the station anyways. Alternatively, driving in is a $13 toll and I found a garage in the city offering $12 valet parking after 5pm. Sure there is gas cost and tip for the valet but I still come out ahead versus the insane $40 round trip train cost.

The issue with driving of course is the traffic. The Lincoln tunnel absolutely sucks at all hours of all days so I generally always avoid it. Other options include the Holland tunnel and the George Washington Bridge (the originator of #Bridgegate!). GWB tends to be the best option but it always looks obnoxious on a map to take such a detour. It is usually about the same time but way less stop and go (my clutch and left leg can thank me later).

If only transit options were much friendlier like Europe. In most civilized places, you would be insane to drive into the city center instead of take the quick, painless, and cheap public transit options.