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The Three Greatest Cars in the World

Well, this is certainly a conversation-sparking topic for us car lovers. This argument is a never-ending one, but I have decided to compile three contenders, and I have provided reasons why I feel like these cars are deserving.

1.) The Porsche 911; the ultimate sports car, best all-around and affordable to an extent. It's a work of art and an engineering masterpiece, practically the best driving car in the world. Beyond refined.


2.) The Mercedes-Benz S-Class; The benchmark for every advancement in the automotive world happens here. Truly the most sophisticated and advanced car on the market. Each generation brings class-leading technologies and innovations that no other car has. Always has been the first to the greatest innovations, eg. airbags, seat belts, along with other luxury amenities. Sure, it's too big for most people's tastes, but it's the innovations that come with this automobile that really count.

3.) The Volkswagen GTI; this car takes everything that the Porsche 911 is, and makes it affordable. This is the car that shows that price doesn't hold back greatness. A car doesn't have to be expensive to be great. It's genius. Practical, economical, fun, everything you could ever possibly want. Automobile on this: "As we pointed out in our February 2007 issue, the GTI is "the right car for our times. Hell, it's the right car for any time." And because, as we also stated three years ago, "what the world really needs now is not cars that are fast, but cars that are practical, fuel-efficient, and fast." Not to mention affordable and fun. The 2010 VW GTI is all this, and more."


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Hope everyone enjoyed this, feel free to discuss.

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