I'm going to do a longer write-up on this but for now I'm just going to briefly go over the three (yes three) motorcycle accidents I've been in:

- the only car-on-motorcycle accident I've been in is when I was T-boned by a 92 year old great-grandmother driving a Taurus. The accident was ruled to be her fault and it's been the only accident I've been in where a bike got totalled.

- the only accident so far I've been at-fault on was motorcycle-on...well, motorcycle-on-empty-dirt-patch. I had just finished taking a gentle turn at 35 MPH and wiped out on the straight-away, for reasons I'm not even sure of (conditions were just about perfect for riding, which is why we were riding in the first place). Fortunately it was a soft accident so I wasn't hurt, but it was enough to screw the bike up to the point where I had to flag down a passerby and limp the bike to his place so he can repair it.


- and then there's the motorcycle-on-motorcycle accident. Yup. My own riding partner really wasn't paying attention and rammed his bike into my bike (which was his bike to begin with) at an intersection. *rolleyes*