We had finished sorting through everything in the attic when we decided that it was time. The thumb drive I found was an old one, so we weren't expecting it to work, but it emitted a feint red glow when it was plugged in. It was a sign of life, and soon, the contents were up on the display. She asked me if I wanted to continue and with a heavy sigh I said a reluctant, "yes."

There were a few folders to wade through named, "School," "Work," and of course "Porn," Thinking that the best should be saved for last, I opened "School." It was filled with random Word documents and PowerPoint presentations witch I had no interests in seeing, so I moved on to "Work," only to find much of the same. I turned to her with a shit eating grin on my face and asked, "you ready to have some fun?" She blushed and giggled as I moved to open it up.

Much to our surprise, there was no porn, no nude women, nothing containing any exposed flesh at all. It was just filled with old pictures. There were "Ford GTs," "Lancias," "Ferraris," "Lamborghinis," things called "Goats" and "Vettes," "Mustangs," and all sorts of others. We were confused, what were these things? She asked me if they were what people called cars, I said, "I think so, but these have a wheel in front of one seat." There were also multiple protrusions coming from the foot wells and sticks and levers sprouting from a hump in the middle of the floor.

"I've heard stories of these things," I told her. "The old folks said that people used to 'drive' them on the streets."

She only looked more confused, "what do you mean 'drive them'? You mean they wouldn't just get in and travel places? How barbaric. Why would you do that? It sounds dangerous."

I had no answer.