The Thunderturd for now, The Raven in the future

Absolutely unassuming in every way, Champagne paint and all, but I love it. This is my 1995 Thunderbird V8 4.6 LX it’s an automatic and pretty stock. been lowered a couple inches and the suspension has been stiffened up to reduce the floatiness that seems to plague vehicles on the Ford MN12 platform and the stock 8.8 rear end was swapped for a Cobra one. Besides that there isn’t really anything else. I’ve got plans for this car, I want to turbocharge it and swap out the low power thunderbird 2 valves heads for some PI ones needs a different paintjob, champagne isn’t exactly a color that works on any car. I wouldn’t bother spending so much money on it if I didn’t really love this car.


Also, the black hood and the wheels are atrociuos.

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