Since I was like completely out of it during Statics today, I recalled the time I almost got into an accident and decided to tell you guys about it.

I went to this damn competitive high school, I averaged like 4-5 hours of sleep because of all the studying and homework and this happened for four years. The only difference was that at senior year, my parents decided to let me drive to school. They worked in far places, so it was best I didn't make my mom late to work by having her drop me off at school. So more or less, the summary was that I would drive to school on 4-5 hours of sleep (or even all nighters sometimes.)

The traffic is also terrible, driving at normal speed, I have blast loud music and sing along in order to not fall asleep, but one day everything I worked against me and I was stuck in 45 minutes of piss slow traffic and I actually nodded off at the wheel while I was on the freeway. o-o Yeah, and I drifted (idled) over like a lane, from the second to the farthest left lane to the farthest left lane (luckily there was another lane of space before there was a divider.)

Pretty cool I didn't hit anything, the Dodge Ram that I "unconsciously cut in front of" the person looked over when they changed lanes to see if I was okay, and I was like YEP, more or less, thank god I didn't hit you. I think everyone there just like maneuvered out of the way subtly.