Having recently moved to Daytona Beach from PA, I was still dd’ing my v8 6-speed 4x4 quad cab Dakota. Since I was a member of my University’s car club, hilarity ensued.

At a huge stance/import car meet at Orlando Speed World, I stood out like a sore thumb. Lining up for the the AutoX, helmet in hand, I overheard several jeers and people questioning their sanity.


Turns out the big Dodge isn’t terrible. I placed middle of the pack in front of a br-z, an e36 328, and several miatas. Don’t ask me how.

I love this truck. It helped me start my life on my own and it shuffled the e30 on a trailer wherever it needed to go.

For your time, some BMW’s. A very orange m4 and a m3 swapped hatchback.