I dont know if some of you remember the post I had a few days ago regarding my purchase of a 2004 Jag S Type R. But suffice to say, I don't have the car anymore less than a week after signing the paper work on it. Hell less than 4 days after signing the papers. The car basically had early last decade Jag problems that were just starting to show their head. Here's what happened.

The day I was going to pick it up was pretty damn exciting, but bitter sweet. The fine people of the net had my mind going a mile a minute on the good and bad aspects of the car. My mind was just focused on the good. The performance and luxury. The rarity of the car. But everything happens for a reason, and in my experience, when there are bumps in the road early on that's signs of something else coming. I go to get the insurance for the car at a local broker. They shop around of course for the best prices. Out of 5 different companies that we gave my info too, only 1 would take the car because of the type of car it is and how rare it is. Basically I would be shelling out almost 160 bucks a month for this car. Ok bump one.

I get to the dealer early to get all the shit handled because we all know how the car buying process is. I sign all the papers or whatever, and go to the car. Seat belt wont buckle. And the seat belt is torn like a small dog has gotten a hold of it. I let them know this fact. They tell me "we didnt know the seat belt was like that. Take it down to this upholstery shop 2 blocks away. Tell them to fix it we will take car of it". Bump 2, but ok cool they will take car of it.

When I get down to the shop, Im waiting there for like 20 mins before someone comes up and helps me. I tell them that the dealer sent me and go into the problem with the seatbelt being torn and not latching. "We will take a look at it". So I wait again for 25 or so minutes. While im waiting, I notice a small crack in the windshield of the car. Bump 4. Ok.... im thinking. The guy comes and tells me " I dont know if you would want to wait because we would have to go into the B pillar and take the seat belt mechanism out and restitch it. Your looking at a half a days work". Now ive had the car for less than 4 hours and they already want me to leave it to have work done on it? No I tell em. I rather come back so I can enjoy my car with me first getting it.


So I get back on the phone with the dealer to tell them what happened with the seat belt situation and with the windshield. "Bring the car back so we can take a look at the windshield." I take the car back, they tell me they have this guy that can fix those kinds of chips or whatever. Call him and make me an appointment I say. They do so. No Big deal to me. So I leave to finally head home. Halfway home while on the phone with my mom, a red light on the dash catches my eye. The display screen between the gauges says high engine temp. Im screwed already im thinking. And I was at a red light. The car got so hot, the temp gauge went as far as it could go to the right, above the H. I hurry and pull into the gas station that was right by me and quickly turn the car off. Big ass bump 5.

Im pissed and worried at this point. I get on the phone to the dealer. They send me a tow truck and bring me back to the dealer. They are as perplexed as I am. So I let them keep the car over night to see what the problem is. Next day rolls around, I get a call saying that everything is fine, the car runs perfectly with the sales man himself telling me her personally took it home and it was fine. Alright cool Ill be there later to pick it up. Later that night I get home, pull it up outside at the curb so I can show it off to my family. I go to start it, it doesn't want to start. I try again it starts. Hell no, bump 6. I turn it off, head inside for 30 mins and I come back out to move it. I go to try and start it, and again it doesn't want to start. It starts on the second try. Sad.


I hope you guys can see where I'm going here. To make a long story short so I wont drag it out, abs error lights flashed 3 times across the dash, the tranny took a few seconds to engage in reverse, he check engine light came on ( the dealer told me that it was an O2 sensor and that they would change those and that should solve the problem. Sensors don't cause a check engine light to be on one day and off the next.) heard metallic jingling noises going over bumps that could mean there's something up with the control arms in the rear, passenger side tail light was out I found out, and the passenger side vanity mirror cover fell off in my sisters lap. All this was found out or experienced within 24 hours.

I told them yesterday that I didn't feel comfortable with car and don't want to be paying for a car that should have been looked over before being offered for sale. Today I took the car back. Of course they tried to make it seem like the car was running perfectly since it wasn't overheating anymore. And as luck and God would have it, less than 20 minutes after I get there the sales man that was helping me and the owner of the dealership tried to get the car started again for over 15 minutes. They just couldn't believe there was something actually wrong with the car.


But basically, the sales guy gave me 2 choices: I can either get into another car with them which he currently has me thinking about this gem of a 2006 Saab 9-3 Sport Combi, or we could just wash our hands of the contract and they give me my money back. Hell of a deal if you ask me. I told him Ill make a decision by Sunday when hes supposed to be back. But basically That's my story of how I lost a car I have always lusted after. But what do you guys think? Should I get another car with them, or take my money elsewhere?

(Update. Im getting my money and going elsewhere. My car search continues..)