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the time i found myself in a 3-way FWD drag race. by coincidence.

i unintentionally found myself in a 3-way FWD drag race two weeks ago. i was in my FWD daily driver, stopped waiting for a red light - i was first in a line of cars. my car's new tires were less than a week old, so i intended to punch it a little to see how their grip was. light turns green, i punch it, get some nice tire squeal (so much for grip) and realize that cars on either side of me are also punching it and 'racing' along with me.

on my right was a Carolla in a "must turn right" lane. on my left was a late 90's Lexus in a left turning lane. they both decided, individually, that they were going to pull that dick move where they're in a turning lane but use it to get ahead of everybody. but they didn't count on me in my boxy DD with a lead foot.


so there we are, 3 cars wide, coming up to the part where there's only one lane for all three of us. i'm still in "first gear" (my DD is also an automatic but i sometimes 'shift' it like a manual... i have 'manual envy') and beating the Carolla but the Lexus is pulling ahead so the Lexus wins, I come in second, the Carolla third.

my wife was riding shotgun and she usually hates when i hoon with her in the car. but she was just amused at the whole ridiculousness of the situation. i wonder what it looked like to the cars behind us.


i can't recall what model Lexus it was but it looked like a late 90's/early 2000's so it could have been FWD or RWD depending. but i'll just pretend it was a FWD.

my DD stats: 2.4L inline 4 cylinder, 160 HP, no mods.

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