The time I got out of a car and Michael Schumacher got in

I went to the Canadian Grand Prix in 2011. It was my first and only F1 race. The race was amazing. Even the supporting series had great racing. My seat was at the hairpin, but that really didn't matter because there where open seats everywhere. When the Ferrari Challenge race finished, there was an hour or two until the F1 race started.

I got very bored sitting in my soaking wet seat. So I walked around and found a bunch of Austin Healeys. I had no clue why they where there so I went to investigate. Apparently they where going to do a parade lap with each driver in the back of one. This was the first time that I saw one, so seeing thirty of them together was pretty cool. I was talking to one of the owners and we were talking about cars and he let me get in his car to get out of the bad weather. After a couple of minutes he is told that he has to go pickup his driver for the parade lap. So I got out and said thanks and thought that would be the last time I saw him.


Unfortunately the race got red flagged because of rain. So I went to the Austin Healeys to see if the owner that I was speaking to before was still there, which he was. I went over to him and he just had this look of awe and amazement on his face, so I asked him why, and his answer was "Michael Schumacher was in my car".

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