What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

So I was missing a couple miles when I said that my TL was going through it's first timing belt service and it's at 105,000 miles.

I actually meant that it's in the second timing belt service at 185,000 miles. HURHUR. STILL ORIGINAL TRANSMISSION. But from Googling it won't be the most mileage on an original Automatic (I found 195,000) Just a bit off. I gave my dad the okay to sell it if he finds a buyer before I come back for Winter Break. But that's okay since my dad says if I come back now I get to take the Sienna (which being an Opponaut, I like the Sienna a lot more than I should.) He said he'll let me put an Oppo sticker on it. HAHAHAHA. First Oppo Sticker on a minivan?


Also any clever names that are less than 30 characters relating to this topic since Kinja wouldn't let me use Luke's Dad Sold His TL for a Sienna.

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