The Toll Pizza Delivery Takes on a Car

I noticed today that one of my employer’s priui has suffered an odd injury from being a fleet car. Now these cars have the typical fleet damage, they are dirty, every price of interior the drive can touch is worn and dirty. There is plenty of exterior cosmetic damage for rushing/careless drivers. But check this out.


These are the spots where the window frame(upper half of the door) is welded to the inner door. It’s not just rusted the welds are cracked. This is from many 200lbs gorillas slamming the door shut with the frame. You can now wiggle the frame around. It is still welded too the outer door skin but you can see that’s wearing it too. This cracked paint and rust u set the mirror is evidence of that.

My point here is Priuses we’re not built with fleet service in mind which is kinda silly considering how good of a urban fleet vehicle they make. The Big rear hatch, and 40+mph in the city sure do come in handy. 

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