Since my last post, I’ve gone through and reduced a lot. This one:

I’ve taken lots of your suggestions to heart, and have dropped down to this:

Largely I’ve just reduced some redundancies, and eliminated a ton of seasonal survival gear I simply don’t need in the summer. I’ve also left out things I don’t need all the time, like the steering lock plate tool. And I’ve decided that if I can’t fix any electrical issue I have with 100' of 16-gauge (enough to carry over 200 amps ten feet) and some spade connectors then I probably won’t be fixing it at all.

For reference, this is what’s getting cut out.


It may not seem like much, but now it’ll all fit between inside the duffle bag and the smaller tool bag, which hopefully means I can get the passenger seat (with the now-smaller duffel bag behind it) to slide about half-way back, freeing up foot room for passengers who aren’t under 5'6. Aside from the two socket sets and the axe which will tuck nicely behind the driver’s seat. This will also leave the middle of the back, on top of the trans tunnel, to put the odd backpack or other item I don’t want bouncing around in the bed. Good work, Gog.