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The Top 5 BMW Art Cars

As selected by notable art critic Bman76.

#1. BMW 3.0 CSL by Alexander Calder. It’s literal perfection. I know I often fawn over French oddballs and Skodas but if I could pick any single car to have, it would be this one.


#2. BMW M3 GT2 by Jeff Koons. Speed personified, it actually looks fast sitting still.

#3. BMW 3.0 CSL by Frank Stella. Nice clean design, the grid highlights some of the complexity of the box flares. I’d drive it.


#4. BMW 320i Turbo Group 5 by Roy Lichtenstein. Another of my favorite artists. He somehow turned a car rightly nicknamed the “Flying Brick” into a sleek looking machine, props to him.


#5. BMW M1 Group 4 by Andy Warhol BASF. Lol, get fucked Andy Warhol, your M1 is garbage. BASF livery is best M1 livery.

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