A mid engined, front wheel drive, three wheeler. With rear steering.

Yes, really.

And we’re just getting started: the Walker Power Truck can convert from LHD to RHD by swinging the wheel over- pretty much on the fly as far as I can see.


There are two brake pedals in the middle, and throttle is a hand lever.

It’s got a three speed manual, but you have to select the gear before you set off.

Also: suicide doors


Not forgetting a cab over layout, and the crudest face in motordom.


So how do you access the engine? Well, you just slide the bed backwards:


The “power” in the name is, well, a bit of an overstatement: the engine is a 14-16hp twin cylinder industrial Onan. Not really meant for highway use, in other words.

Clearly, Jason needs to buy this thing, but the eBay auction has already ended, sadly. Whoever bought it: let Torchy drive it, pretty please!


Hat tip to Bring a Trailer.

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