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The towel has been thrown in

I’m not giving up on my little Honda. I am giving up on myself. After exhausting (pardon the pun) my available list of things that could be wrong with the Honda this morning, I’ve booked it an appointment the the local Honda indie. My pride weeps.


After working through the list of possible causes of my weird running I have eliminated everything but a problem with the carb, which I don’t know enough to solve, a problem with the engine (valves, piston rings, HG, etc), or something I already “fixed”. Faced with the idea of re-re-checking all my work, a $90 diagnostic fee seems like a good option.

As for if it might be an exhaust problem, that has (mostly) been confirmed not to be true. I took it to the exhaust place this morning. After talking it over the the guy, he was reasonably convinced it wasn’t the exhast. Still, we took it off and I drove it around to confirm my suspicions and make sure the problem had gone away.

It hadn’t.

Ok. So yeah.... I’m out. Time to make this someone else’s problem.

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