Kinda a rant here, just pissed at stupidity.

Its a once sleepy farm town that refuses to accept there is a 25,000 student university in their backyard. A few years back Campus Crest, a huge students housing company, wanted to build out one of their Grove luxury apartment complex's to accompany their Copper Beach that was one of the many apartment complex's already built. Only issue is the plot of land, which was an empty field, needed to be rezoned. No big deal you would think, and actually it wasnt. But this where the problems start, some guy started a grass roots campaign claiming collusion between the zoning board and the developers, and long story short the township changed its mind and rejected the already approved proposal. Campus Crest filed a lawsuit and won, kinda. The final decision said that the complex had to resemble a residential neighborhood. Because thats what students want, the suburbs. I understand its all farmers out here, but how can you be that dumb to force student housing to look like a residential neighborhood.

This is what it was supposed to look like.

The now proposed plan looks like this.