The Trail of Madness

So I went up to Skykomish and picked a forest road at random. The one I chose ended up being more suitable for jeeps. Proper, offroad vehicles. The Queen still managed, though, until I hit a very large washout that was deep enough to make me think that my car wouldn’t clear it. You can see the route I took here.

Before that, though, I went up on a more steeper forest road and snapped this shot.


At the washout on the route I took, I had to turn around in very cramped space, but I managed. One thing’s for sure, AestheticsInMotion’s Miata, even if he implements the lift he’s planning, wouldn’t likely get halfway up that road. Would sooner knock out his oil pan. It also doesn’t help that the foliage was encroaching, constantly brushing against my car. It’s definitely a route that’s less traveled than the others.

After doubling back to Beckler Road, I went north on the street and enjoyed the road until I ran out of pavement. Picture below is of the Queen’s condition afterward. It’s hard to see, but the left corner light housing sustained some minor cracks, presumably during the U-turn because I hit some rather thick brush.

I’m thinking I’ll probably stick to country roads from now on. I’ll upload some videos when I figure out how to pull ‘em off my Surface Pro that I used to download ‘em off the crap camera.

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