So with EV startups all seeming to follow the Tesla approach of automation and ripping off 0-60 sprints, the question needs to be asked...what about the cars that people are ACTUALLY buying; i.e. crossovers and SUV’s?

I mean, sure Telsa has that very nice AWD minivan, but truthfully there isn’t a vehicle on the market tapping into two of the very powerful market drivers right now, namely nostalgic off roaders and SUV’s generally.

Turns out at least one company is thinking along those lines, the Bollinger Motors “SUV”

No, its not actually made of cardboard, though that would be a welcome change for International Scout owners looking to trade up to something less vulnerable to rain. We don’t know what it will look like yet, as this is the best picture we have.


The look is intentionally going to be old school rugged; sort of a bronco/FJ40/Wrangler vibe. We really don’t have much to go on other than description though.


What we do know, courtesy of Car and Driver is that it will be dual motor, have “class leading HP and Torque” as well as ground clearance.


Inboard brakes. Neat.

That last bit thanks to portal hubs and 285/70r-17 BFG’s

Its fully independent suspension but they claim high axle articulation on account of disconnecting sway bars, and 10 inches of suspension travel.


Angles are great too at 56/53/33 Approach/Departure/Breakover.

So it will look cool, have genuine off road chops and be electric. About that last part; is it just me or does it seem like a really strange choice to offer a hard core off-roader with a very limited range and no practical way to carry extra fuel?


Lets not mince words, all the things about electrics sound great, you can drive though as much water as you like (so long as its well sealed which is totally doable) you have all the torque when you need it and as long as its well made the maintenance requirements should be pretty low. I mean RC cars have taught us that electric motors and dirty fun are great bed fellows.

Thing is...who is going to buy this? It doesn’t have the charm of the old SUV’s so the retro/hipsters aren’y biting, and its not like a high 5 figure toy is going to cut it for a lot of people. And if you are buying an EV because you want to be a responsible user you likely aren’t shopping for off-road cred.


I guess I can see some national parks or eco sensitive tour operators/organizations buying them buy the public?

What are yout thoughts?

p.s. personally I think this would be best as a range extended hybrid.