Today was supposed to be closing day. Yeah, not so much.

Oh, the buying part went fine. We signed those papers on Tuesday and so did the sellers. No muss no fuss and everything was ready to go. We just needed the people buying our place to do their bit and the moving trucks would soon be rolling, but something on their side got crossed up. They were supposed to sign today but the husband was working in fucking Ellensberg, 180 miles away, and his boss wouldn’t give him any time off. I think they were actually supposed to sign earlier this week when he was in town but their bank screwed the pooch


That all meant that we didn’t have the sales proceeds to pay for the closing on the house we’re buying which screwed things up the other way where our seller’s had movers coming early tomorrow to take their pool table and stuff to the house they built but the builder won’t give them any access to their new house until everything is finalized. When we found all of this out this afternoon we tried to just write a check for everything but it would take days for the paperwork to be redone so it wouldn’t have helped.

Anyway, the sent a notary out to meet the guy in Moses Lake at the bank’s expense this evening to get the papers signed and they’re going to try to get them filed first thing in the morning so everything can get going. This will be interesting.

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