That’s right. The red headed weirdo step child of truck sales the Nissan Titan got redesigned. It debuted at the Texas State Fair, a usual debut event for trucks given how big of a truck market Texas is. Along with the new design it gets new features Nissan hopes will help it sell.


Gone for ‘20 is the XD and the Cummins diesel because it sucked. Now its just the tried and true Endurance V8 with 400 horses mated to a new 9 speed auto. Tech wise it gets standard CarPlay and Android Auto, Nissan Safety Shield 360 which is pretty much the usual suite of driving aids and 2 big screens. A new 9" touchscreen sits in the middle of the dash, while an 8" screen sits between the speedo and tach which they call Advanced Drive Assist Display, which is sort of a driver information center that can also display off road info like angle and in what mode 4wd is in.

Oh and there is this pretty big pano roof that’s available too. Other than that, there’s...not much else that would make it appealing to get over the Big 3 or even the Tundra for that matter. If these updates don’t work sales wise (which honestly I don’t think they will), I see the Titan getting the axe in a few years.

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