I’ve just picked up Mark Webber’s book ‘Aussie Grit: My formula one journey’ and not even one chapter in an interesting tidbit has emerged. The infamous ‘multi-21 message relayed to Seb Vettel and Mark at the 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix referred to the intended finishing order, not an engine map/power setting as commonly thought*.

To be more specific, the ‘21' ordered car 2 (Webber) to finish ahead of car 1 (Vettel). I suspect the ‘multi’ merely meant to obfuscate that purpose, to great effect. An order of ‘multi-12', which Mark describes as the more common version of this communication, would then reffer to Vettel finishing in front.

Sebastian would of course go on to ignore that order, much to the chagrin of Webber. It’s a move he described as ‘the final straw in [his] frustrations with Red Bull’s management’.

This is going to be an interesting read.

*in my experience