I am a Californian. I was born in the North and moved to Southern California when I was 17, where I've lived since. Growing up, I heard stereotypes about the women in SoCal. I heard that they were vapid and worshiped wealth and materialism. A generalization to be sure, but this is what I assumed moving down there.

Of course this is not true. Not entirely. Generalizing is bad, and the rich variety of people I meet continue to amaze me. Regardless, the roots of the rumor occasionally bubble to the surface.

Enter Gina. Gina is a friend. She drives a fairly new Audi A3, also known as the Sorority Special. Gina, is not a car guy, or a car anything. Gina also is not a very good driver. Her Audi is heavily absurd. Every body panel is damaged in some way. The front end is hanging on by means of crude screws drilled directly into the panel.

Gina cares little for the state of her vehicle. She did not pay for it, and she will likely not pay for its replacement. The car is well engineered and still drives well, but it will not perform as well as it does for much longer, I think .


I share this because people who disregard their cars upset me. Abandoned super cars in Dubai upset. Derelict classics in front yards upset me. German steel is ruined by careless hands.

Please treat your machines well.