An open letter to the armchair experts, from an armchair expert.

*all pics belong to Lincoln

Before the mouthbreathers crash this thread with pictures of mid-'60s Continentals and "build THIS, Lincoln!!11!1!1!!!", I think it's important I explain the naming, which apparently has confused said mouthbreathers for many years.

MKZ = mid-size Fusion-based sedan
MKC = Escape-based crossover
MKX = mid-size Edge-based crossover
MKS = full-size Taurus-based sedan
MKT = crossover wagon SUV hearse thing

And yet you can remember "ATS", "CTS", "DTS", "STS"?

Moving on. If we take the beginning of their rebirth as the production of the new MKZ in March 2013, that makes 1½ years since then. You expect your RWD flagship S-class killer Continental now? Do you realize how ridiculous that is?


Cadillac, which is getting rave reviews right now, took more like 10-15 years to get where they are now. Lincoln has only begun. And they're doing well. The MKZ has been selling faster than it can be supplied, the MKC is primed to hit the crossover segment hard at the best time possible, the all-new MKX is coming next year, they're working on an MKS/MKS replacement, the next Navigator in two years will likely be built out of aluminum and despite the commentary the company has a sharp design language. They also officially said they might make a Mustang-based car, and they officially confirmed a full-size sedan by 2016, which is likely to be the MKS replacement, known internally under the codename "Continental".


Lincoln will rise again, like Cadillac, and your RWD flagship sedan will come too. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but it will. Give them time.